Ryan's Vineyard, Oak Knoll


In 2013, Steve Matthiasson introduced us to Jim Verhey, owner of Ryan’s Vineyard, a 17-acre plot located off Big Ranch Road in the southerly Oak Knoll AVA. Steve believed Ryan’s would be an excellent site for the type of Sauvignon Blanc we desired to produce, and we were equally impressed with Jim’s passionate loyalty to the white varietals planted in this location. The site benefits from cooler daytime temperatures than Oakville from the marine influence off San Pablo Bay. Cooler nights and slowly rising daytime temperatures allow the fruit to ripen gradually and the wines to retain a natural bright acidity. Gravelly, well-drained soils and 20-year-old vines result in wines of distinction. The Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musque and Semillon grown at Ryan’s Vineyard have been an integral part of our Sauvignon Blanc since our inaugural vintage in 2013; the wines possess great vibrancy, firm structure, minerality and a sophisticated fruit profile.