Jaime Araujo Bézian, Greg Araujo, Daphne Araujo, Steve Matthiasson, Bart Araujo, Michel Rolland & Françoise Peschon

People are fundamental to what we are creating.

At Accendo, we are privileged and grateful to be working again with much of the same small team that helped us build Araujo Estate. The collective knowledge and experience of professionals like Françoise Peschon, winemaker; Michel Rolland, enologist; and Steve Matthiasson, viticulturist, are integral to our winegrowing success, as are others whose roles are not as visible, yet no less important. And it is energizing to collaborate with our children, who bring their fresh ideas and perspectives to the group with energy and passion. The talent and commitment of each and every one of these people will ensure excellence in our endeavors.

Accendo Cellars
Cabernet harvest in our Oakville vineyard.